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Below is a map depicting the location of places of interest in Namibia's Central Area. Underneath the map you will find listings and more information on these places.

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  • The Swakopmund Jetty
    Swakopmund Tourist Attractions
    Initially a 325 meter long, wooden jetty was built in 1902, which was replaced by an iron one in 1912. This was to be 640 metres long and equipped with two 5 ton and two 3 ton cranes, as well as a railway line. More Info
  • Swakopmund Museum
    Swakopmund Tourist Attractions
    The Swakopmund Museum was founded in 1951 by Dr Alfons Weber and relocated in 1960 to the current site on Swakopmund's Beachfront. (The site of the old Harbour Warehouse that was destroyed by fire from a British warship, the armed merchant cruiser... More Info
  • Die Kaserne - Swakopmund
    Swakopmund Tourist Attractions
    "Die Kasene" built in 1905 served as a barracks for the engineers regiment sent to Swakopmund to fight in the Herero uprising and construct a landing pier and railway line to the interior. The typical German Colonial style building's... More Info
  • Tommy’s Tours and Safaris
    Swakopmund Tours
    The Living Desert Tour, originally developed by Tommy himself in the 1990’s, is a unique 4x4 adventure drive through the dunes outside Swakopmund, Namibia. Just the drive in the dunes is an amazing experience, but Tommy will show you a lot... More Info
  • German Schutztruppe Graves and Fort - Tinkas
    Swakopmund Tourist Attractions
    From the Bloedkoppie there is a 4x4 trail of about 30 kilometers joining up with the C28. On this route there are two old German war graves dating back to 1895. There is also the remains of a German "fort" nearby. More Info
  • Oanob Dam
    Rehoboth Tourist Attractions
    Oanob Dam is a dam outside of Rehoboth, Hardap Region, Namibia. Located 7 kilometres outside of Rehoboth. More Info
  • Franke Tower
    Omaruru Tourist Attractions
    Erich Victor Carl August Franke (b. 21st July 21, 1865, d. 7th August 1936) was a German military officer and last commander of the Schutztruppe in German Southwest Africa. He served in a number of locations, notably in Ovamboland and Kaokoveld. He... More Info
  • The Windhoek Railway Station
    Windhoek Tourist Attractions
    The Windhoek railway station was built in 1912. The station building houses a small railway museum with a collection of railway related items as well as photo archives. Outside there is also a display of running stock. More Info
  • The Bloed Koppie
    Swakopmund Tourist Attractions
    The Bloed Koppie is a spectacular granite hill ideal for the enegetic to explore. Smaller than the Spitskoppe the Bloedkoppie still offers ample opportunities to explore and take photographs. Visiting the Bloedkoppie and the 4x4 trail requires a... More Info
  • Swakopmund Architecture
    Swakopmund Tourist Attractions
    Swakopmund is rich in Architectual history, dating back to the period from 1884 through 1915 when Swakopmund was the main port for the area. With German South-West Africa as a German Protectorate, a very strong German influence can be seen in the... More Info
  • The War Memorial
    Swakopmund Tourist Attractions
    Opposite the State House (Kaiserliches Bezirksgericht) towards the sea you will find a war memorial, commemorating the soldiers that died in the two world wars. More Info
  • Living Desert Tour
    Swakopmund Tours
    The Namib Sand Sea was inscribed into the Unesco World Heritage List in 2013 as Namibi’s second World Heritage site, the 0only coastal desert in the world that includes extensive dunes fields influenced by fog. According to Unesco, one of the... More Info
  • Die Kaiserliches Bezirksgericht - State House
    Swakopmund Tourist Attractions
    The Kaiserliches Bezirksgericht, now known as State House, was originally built in colonial times (1901 and extended in 1905) to serve as the district magistrates’ court. More Info
  • Gibeon Meteorites - Post Street Mall
    Windhoek Tourist Attractions
    The 30 Gibeon Meteorites, 600 million years old, are mounted on steel columns in Post Street Mall. Between 1911 and 1913, Dr. Paul Range, the State Geologists for the Government of German SWA, collected 37 meteorite fragments in the Gibeon area.... More Info
  • Bloedkoppie Tinkas 4x4 Route
    Swakopmund Activities
    The Bloedkoppie Tinkas Trail is one of our favourite 4x4 trails in Namibia. You will encounter typical Namib Desert secenery with a spectacular granite kop to explore. Smaller than the Spitskoppe, the Bloedkoppie still offers ample opportunities to... More Info
  • Prinzessin Rupprecht Heim
    Swakopmund Tourist Attractions
    The single-storey Prinzessin Rupprecht Heim on the corner of Bismarck and Anton Lubowski Avenue was constructed in 1902, and was first used as a military hospital. More Info
  • Monument at Kub, Kalkrand
    Kalkrand Tourist Attractions
    The Monument commemorates the battle at Kub between the Nama and the Germans on 22 November 1904. It is situated on the Farm Voigtskub, a few hundred metres east of the road between Kalkrand and Maltahöhe along the Fish River. More Info
  • Hohenzollern Building
    Swakopmund Tourist Attractions
    One of the finest colonial buildings in Swakopmund is the Hohenzollern Building, on the corner of Libertina Amathila Avenue (formerly Brücken Street) and Tobias Hainyeko Street. More Info
  • Klein Nauas - German Block House
    Rehoboth Tourist Attractions
    A defence tower erected by German Settlers against feared Uprisings by the Rehoboth Basters. Klein Nauas: between Dordabis and Uhlenhorst More Info
  • Trekkopje War Graves
    Tourist Attractions
    The Battle of Trekkopjes on 26 April 1915 was a German assault on the South African forces securing the Railway Line near Trekkopjes during the South West Africa Campaign of World War I. The South African Major Skinner had been ordered to defend... More Info
  • The Swakopmund Lighthouse
    Swakopmund Tourist Attractions
    In the gardens behind the museum is the wellknown Swakopmund landmark - the lighthouse . The first version, built in 1903, stood at a height of only 11 m. In 1910 a further 10 m was added to reach a total height of 28 meters. More Info
  • The Spitzkoppe (Spits Koppe)
    Swakopmund Tourist Attractions
    Rising out of the sandy plains just north of the main road between Swakopmund and Windhoek and west of Usakos lies the Spitzkoppe one of Namibias if not the worlds most striking rocks spires. Rustic Campsites scattered around the granite boulders of... More Info
  • Woermanhaus
    Swakopmund Tourist Attractions
    From the shore, the delightful German-style Woermannhaus stands out above surrounding buildings. It is easily recognized as the building on the high ground with a decorated tower More Info
  • Bird Island - Swakopmund
    Swakopmund Tourist Attractions
    Bird Island began as a wooden platform measuring four meters square, three meters above the sea. Winter finished this initial construction in March 1930. One year later he had enlarged the platform to 16 meters square, and by August 1931 had... More Info
  • Regimental Insignia in the Namib Desert
    Swakopmund Tourist Attractions
    During May and June of the year 1915 hundreds of South African troops were posted to do guard-duty on the rebuilt Otavi Railway between Swakopmund and Usakos. These were men of the second battalions of three of South Africa's proudest fighting... More Info
  • Hansa Hotel
    Swakopmund Tourist Attractions
    Hansa Hotel Erected 1905, and now used as shops and office. A new wing was build in 1950 and is still in use today as one of Swakopmund upmarket hotels. More Info
  • Messum Crater
    Henties Bay Tourist Attractions
    The Messum Crater is located north East of Cape Cross within the Dorob National Park in Namibia. When visiting the crater make sure you have enough equipment to handle basic breakdowns. The road leading to the Messum Crater has sharp and protruding... More Info
  • The Marine Memorial
    Swakopmund Tourist Attractions
    A monument dedicated to members of the First Marine Expedition Corps who died during the Herero War, 1904-1905 is located close to the State House and is known as the Marine Memorial or Marine Denkmal. More Info
  • The Altes Ampsgericht
    Swakopmund Tourist Attractions
    On the corner of Theo-Ben Gurirab Avenue and Tobias Hainyeko Street is the "Altes Amtsgericht" , built in 1906 as a school but then used as the magistrates office after the state had to complete the building More Info
  • Martin Luther Steam Tractor Swakopmund
    Swakopmund Tourist Attractions
    In 1894 the German artist, Troost, tried to replace the tedious ox-wagon traffic on the "Bay Road" from Swakopmund into the interior by the implementation of a steam traction engine, but it did not succeed to operate under the harsh... More Info
  • The Old Prison
    Swakopmund Tourist Attractions
    The impressive 1909 Alte Gefängnis was designed by architect Heinrich Bause, The main building was used only for staff housing while the prisoners were relegated to less opulent quarters on one side. More Info
  • Cape Cross
    Swakopmund Activities
    The Portuguese navigator and explorer Diogo Cão was in 1484 ordered by King João II, as part of the search for a sea route to India and the Spice Islands, to advance south into undiscovered regions along the west coast of Africa. More Info
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