Windhoek Restaurants Namibia

Windhoek Restaurants Namibia

  • Joe's Beerhouse
    Windhoek Restaurants
    oe’s Beerhouse is an institution. Even if you’re just passing through, you have to have at least one meal there, or at least an ice cold draught of Namibian beer. The many nooks and crannies are safe havens for countless old relics and... More Info
  • Hotel Heinitzburg Restaurant
    Windhoek Restaurants
    Count von Schwerin commissioned castle Heinitzburg for his fiance, Margarethe von Heinitz in 1914. The castle has been beautifully preserved, and has a top notch restaurant with beautiful views of the city to boot. Choose to indulge yourself at the... More Info
  • Namibia has always been a good market for South African wine and therefore we were convinced that opening a wine bar and restaurant in Windhoek was the natural thing to do. My partners (Carel Chapman and Leeba Fouché) and I focused on... More Info
  • Wecke & Voigts Restaurant
    Windhoek Restaurants
    Smack bang in the center of town, on the bustling Independence Avenue, lies a piece of German history. Wecke & Voigts has been in operation in Namibia since 1892, and is still going strong. Grab a cup of freshly brewed coffee and a just-made... More Info

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Ever since the establishment of German South West Africa (now Namibia, of course) Windhoek has been the capital city. The name Windhoek was actually the name of a farm in the Cape Province.

A Hottentot (Khoi) chieftan who had been born on that farm gave the name to the place where Windhoek stands to-day. Before that it had been called Aigams by the Khoi people, which means 'hot water' due to the hot springs there. These springs had also led earlier in 1836 to the British explorer, Sir James Alexander, naming it Queen Adelaide's Bath. At some 5,000 feet above sea level, Windhoek is somewhat cooler than the lowlands.

When Germany proclaimed sovereignty over South West Africa in 1884 they retained the name, albeit with German spelling Windhuk, when in 1890 they came to Windhoek. In the long term, however, the name Windhoek has stuck.

The Germans established the town itself in a rocky and hilly but well-treed area of a valley near the source of the Swakop river.

Some 50 kms west of the town Major von Francois established a fort which served not only as the military stronghold for the Windhoek region but also for a while as the centre of administration for the colony.

In 1902, Windhoek was connected to Swakopmund via a narrow gauge railway. As the town developed, some substantial colonial buildings were erected, some of which still stand including the headquarters of the colony's administration built to bring the administrators back from the fort, which became known as the Tintenpalast or 'Ink Palace'.

Today Windhoek reflects a amalgamation of it's history, the influences of its African and European cultures are evident everywhere.

Windhoek offers travellers all the modern amenities and it is also regarded as one of the cleanest African cities.

Within a short drive from the city are the Daan Viljoen game park, Fort Francois and the Liebig House, an abandoned German-style dwelling house.

For accommodation in Windhoek visit this page. Windhoek also has a rich heritage and a large number of historical buildings and other tourist attractions.

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