Stories of Namibia

Desert-adapted lions killed during...The lions were the subject of a popular documentary called,...Wednesday, 1st August 2018
The Story of Henno Martin and Hermann KornThe story of two German Geologists, Henno Martin and...Sunday, 10th June 2018
The Sandverhaar story as told by Lothar...Captain Paul Frederiks was willing to sell land but...Tuesday, 1st May 2018
The First World War in German South-West...Overview by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission - The...Wednesday, 7th February 2018
The Naval Bombardment of Swakopmund during...The Swakopmund museum is built on the site of the old...Wednesday, 7th February 2018
World War 1 in Namibia - Trekkopjes 25 April...The battle for Trekkopjes was a decisive action which took...Thursday, 13th August 2015
World War 1 in Namibia - Insignia in the...THE Namib Desert can be a place of magic, a vast canvas of...Monday, 9th February 2015
The one-humped camelThe dromedary or one-humped camel has been introduced to...Sunday, 1st February 2015
NHADIEP, Legende van die SuideDie “Maniak van die Suide” is dood, maar...Wednesday, 28th January 2015
Seeheim NamibiaSeeheim, a tiny hamlet in the south of Namibia, is situated...Wednesday, 28th January 2015
Keetmanshoop - The Truth about the broken...The puzzle of a broken cross, and a desecrated grave, whose...Tuesday, 27th January 2015
||KHAUXA!NAS IN THE CONTEXT OF NAMIBIAN...The early period of Namibia's history is characterised by...Monday, 19th January 2015
The History of KeetmanshoopThe history of Keetmanshoop goes back a lot further than...Thursday, 1st January 2015
Ferdinand GessertFerdinand Gessert, a farmer in Namibia, was the son of...Thursday, 25th December 2014
Stapper Coetzee GroetMnr. Jacobus Johannes Coetzee, later jare in die Suide as...Monday, 9th July 2007
Keetmanshoop Trein Ongeluk - 25 Maart 1977Daar was meer as 700 lede van Regiment Westelike Provinsie...Sunday, 25th March 2007
Wild Horses of the NamibTo this day there has been much speculation and debate...Wednesday, 8th March 2006
The Shipwrecks of the Skeleton Coast of...The Skeleton Coast is the northern part of the Atlantic...Monday, 30th November -0001