Rehoboth Accommodation Namibia

Rehoboth Accommodation Namibia

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    Rehoboth Accommodation
    Would you like to spend a quiet and relaxing time full of peace and beauty? Maybe you and your family would also like to celebrate any kind of occasion together with a marvellous view over the lake, the dam and the mountain? Are already on your way... More Info

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Rehoboth Information

In 1845 the German Rhenish Missionary Society established a station at a place known as !Anis among the Nama people which they named Rehoboth (after three places in the Bible). This settlement was, however abandoned in 1864 and four years later was occupied by the Basters ("bastards").

These were descendants of about 30 trekboers who, around the end of the 1700's had settled in the Orange River valley and married local native women. Their children had interbred and a community formed and stayed together as a 'tribe'. Despite the vicissitudes of time, this community has managed to retain its identity and forms the majority of the present population of the area.

Nearby Lake Oanob Resort provides convenient nearby accommodation.

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