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Road ClosuresThe Roads Authority (RA) hereby wishes to update the public...Sunday, 17th January 2021
RAINY SEASON IN NAMIBIA!!!For the past couple of days, most part of the country has...Tuesday, 12th January 2021
Calling all Photo and Film enthusiasts!Enter your best photo or video in the #IAM Makana Photo and...Tuesday, 27th October 2020
New COVID-19 regulations to apply to all .za...The Department of Communications and digital technologies...Friday, 27th March 2020
Keetmanshoop - Eagle Monument FaceliftThe Keetmanshoop Municipality has started extensive...Friday, 15th February 2019
Update on Dias Point, LuderitzThe first phase of the repair of the Historical Dias Point...Wednesday, 12th September 2018
Dias Point - Luderitz Bucht - Please HELPOn 24 July 1488 Dia landed at a rocky point west of a...Wednesday, 18th July 2018
AfriCat Namibia - Cats Whisper NewsLeopards are shy, solitary and very intelligent creatures...Tuesday, 26th June 2018
Namibië tweede vir waarde in toerismeNamibië is deur Lonely Planet as die tweede beste...Tuesday, 1st November 2016
Henties Bay is Kwêla's “Town of...For the first time in six years a Namibian town has won the...Friday, 27th May 2016
Saving the endangered blue crane – do...You may have read about the blue crane massacre in the...Tuesday, 19th May 2015
Namibia fifth most beautiful in the worldNamibia has captured the world’s imagination once...Friday, 15th May 2015
Alte Feste se ou trein klink en blink weerDie Alte Feste in Windhoek se geskiedkundige ou stoomtrein...Friday, 8th May 2015
The Neckartal DamThe proposed Neckartal Dam has a catchment area of 45 365...Saturday, 31st January 2015
Namibia Makes the ListLast year Namibia was named the fastest growing tourism...Wednesday, 14th January 2015
Windhoek - 100 years TurnhalleAS modern Windhoek was founded in 1890, a lively social...Friday, 18th December 2009
The Origins of the Wild Horses of the NamibTo this day there has been much speculation and debate...Wednesday, 8th March 2006
The Mukurob (Finger of God)The Mukurob (Finger of God), near Asab in Namibia, was a...Wednesday, 7th December 1988