Omaruru Tourist Attractions Namibia

Omaruru Tourist Attractions Namibia

  • Franke Tower
    Omaruru Tourist Attractions
    Erich Victor Carl August Franke (b. 21st July 21, 1865, d. 7th August 1936) was a German military officer and last commander of the Schutztruppe in German Southwest Africa. He served in a number of locations, notably in Ovamboland and Kaokoveld. He... More Info

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In 1872 Gottlieb Viehe, a German missionary, established a mission station here and in 1894 a small military post was established which gradually developed into a small village.

Ten years later, during the Herero War, the post was besieged but succeeded in holdng out until relieved. In 1907 a striking tower was built to commemorate the battle which is named the Franke Tower, after the German commander.

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