Mariental Tourist Attractions Namibia

Mariental Tourist Attractions Namibia

  • Hardap Dam
    Mariental Tourist Attractions
    Hardap Dam is a dam close to Mariental, 260 km south of Windhoek, Namibia. Built in 1962 while Namibia was under South African occupation, Hardap Dam is the largest dam in the country. More Info
  • Gross Nabas
    Mariental Tourist Attractions
    South of Stampriet, 20 km along the C15, is the farm Gross Nabas, the site of one of the bloodiest battles of the war. A small monument on the main road commemorates the battle of 2-4 January 1905, during which the Witbooi Nama inflicted heavy... More Info

Mariental Map

Mariental Information

Mariental is a road and rail communications centre in an area of grassland that is the heart of Namibia's karakul industry.

The karakul sheep is a Persian variety which was initially imported into Germany from Uzbekistan in Central Asia, then part of Russia. They proved unsuited to the European climate and were transferred to the then German colony of South West Africa where they thrived.

The Hardap National Park is a short distance from the town.

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