Khorixas Tourist Attractions Namibia

Khorixas Tourist Attractions Namibia

  • Rock Engravings at Twyfelfontein
    Khorixas Tourist Attractions
    The mountainous regions of central Namibia contain some of the most spectacular natural galleries in the world – a lasting legacy of the San people. Namibia’s first World Heritage Site, the Twyfelfontein Rock Art Site, is home to the... More Info
  • The Petrified Forest
    Khorixas Tourist Attractions
    The Petrified forest located some 40 kilometres west of the Namibian town of Khorixas, on the C39 road, is a deposit of large tree trunks that have "turned to stone" through a process of diagenesis. More Info
  • The Verbrandeberg and Organ Pipes
    Khorixas Tourist Attractions
    The barren mountain "Verbrandeberg", meaning “Burnt Mountain”, was proclaimed a national monument in 1989. The unique display of colours on its slopes and surfaces during morning and evening hours was a highlight in an... More Info

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Khorixas Information

Khorixas is located in the southern Kunene Region of Namibia 120 kilometres north of Uis and 130km west of Outjo. It was previously the capital of Damaraland prior to Namibia's independence and the restructuring of the regions. It has a population of about 6000 mostly Damara speaking.

Khorixas is a popular stop to refuel and restock (basic supplies only) at the local shops when visiting the Kaokoland.

Khorixas is named after the Khori bush.

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