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  • The story of two German Geologists, Henno Martin and Hermann Korn hiding in the Namib Desert for 2 and a half years during WW11, is well known amongst Namibians but lesser known amongst visitors.
  • The dromedary or one-humped camel has been introduced to many regions outside its natural area of distribution in North Africa, the Near and Middle East and South Asia.
  • Ferdinand Gessert, a farmer in Namibia, was the son of Wilhelm Theodor Gessert and his wife Maria Frederika, born Schubert. He completed his studies in physics in Berlin before coming to German South West Africa (now Namibia) as a German colonist in...
  • To this day there has been much speculation and debate about the origins of the Wild Horses. There is agreement only on one point: they are not indigenous, because originally there never were horses in southern Africa.
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