Village Cafe
  • Swakopmund

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  • Longitude: 14.525853
  • Latitude: -22.678692
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Village Cafe

If you happen to be the kind of person that travels a lot . . . or not.

If you are the kind of person who has “bean" everywhere . . . or not.

Or . . .if you simply adore a great cup of coffee, then Village Café, Swakopmund, Namibia is your solace!

Village Café is a local gathering place which tends to attract a bunch of darn interesting people! It is a home-cooking, family run space where grandma's recipes are still being used.

At Village Café we love baking our own bread, are passionate about coffee, music and everything and anything out of the ordinary.

IT IS ALL ABOUT THE COFFEE!! . . . and of course having fun!

The family wanted this coffee shop to be a neighborhood café where locals meets, relax and share their lives.

It had to be the place where you go when you have just received good news or when something bad has happened and you just want to be alone and cry in your cappuccino. The name, "Village Café" explains it all.

At any given time you will find yourself here sitting next to an assortment of locals; whether it is a doctor, an attorney, a massage therapist or an artist! Some people use this space as an office, as a living room or therapy clinic. Some use it to meet old friends or have meetings about important stuff.

Some people just want to sit. And sit. We let them!

 This is the place where locals feel famous and famous people feel local.

At Village Café everything is done with passion: the music, the coffees, the fooood and our fun loving staff has the freedom to display their enthusiasm in their own unique way.

You might not look for Village Café . . . but do not fear; Village Café will find you!

We Believe ”life is much too important to be taken seriously”! - Oscar Wilde

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