The Stone Tower
  • Outjo

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  • Longitude: 16.156071
  • Latitude: -20.107463
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The Stone Tower

The Stone Tower in Outjo was erected in 1900 and served as a base for a windmill that pumped water from an underground aquifer. It was built by the German schutztruppe over a well and is 9.4m high. 

A wooden windmill drawn water from the well and pumped the water to a nearby cement dam. From there the water was taken by a pipeline to the Schutztruppe stables and barracks.

During the German era Outjo was an important support base and a small fort was built in 1899. It was surrounded by a military station with barracks, sickbay, officers mess. All that remains today are the tower, the Franke House (today the Outjo Museum) and a small cemetery with graves of soldiers that fell during the Naulila Expedition.

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