Old German Fortress Fort Naiams
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Old German Fortress Fort Naiams

Erected around 1898 by the Schutztruppe, the fort secured the South Bay Road between Keetmanshoop and Lüderitz, a military station building and provided bypassers with water.

An officer of the Schutztruppe and approximately 15 troops were stationed here. Especially during the Nama wars in 1905-1906, their task was to protect the nearby waterholes during the Nama wars in 1905-1906 .

Built from flat stones piled on each other the outer walls measure 10 x 5m, facing the north-east oveerlooking a part of the South Bay Road, the former military station and the cattle kraals and stables. The fort has 2 rooms, a passage and loopholes on 3 sides.

The other ruins are the remnants of the military station building, a four roomed structure comprising a living roomfor the troops, a visitors room, a storeroom, a kitchen and a veranda.

The remains of the cattle kraals are also still visible towards the Schenpfen River.

The graves of -

  • Lieutenant Rudolf Honig born on 17 Jul 1880 in Poland and died on 12 Aug 1906 (aged 26) and 
  • Trooper Dauve Voss born 11 May 1884 and died on 21 Jul 1906 (aged 22)

can be found a few metres south-west from the fort. (Vogt, p123) and (www.findagrave.com)

The fort is located on private land and permission from the farmer is required to visit it.


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