First World War Graves, Aus
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  • Longitude: 16.274759
  • Latitude: -26.652965
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First World War Graves, Aus

The Prisoner-of-war Camp (POW) near Aus has been recognized as being the final chapter of German colonial building heritage in Namibia. The Official Gazette stated:

"The prisoner-of-war camp was erected after the conclusion of peace in July 1915 between the German and Union forces in South Africa. 

A total of 1 552 prisoners of war were initially based in this camp. This figure however, later rose to 1 845 and by November 1915 dropped to 1 500. This number remained constant hereafter until the official closing of the camp on 13 May 1919."

In 1918 an influenza virus spread across South West Africa. Around 69 POW's and 60 military members of the garrison succumbed to the epidemic. They were buried in the cemetery 4.7km north-west of the POW camp.

Not all of the graves are related to deaths in the prisoner of war camp. Some of the graves are of soldiers that died during clashes in the Aus Area during 1915.

Historic photos from the collection of W Kotze.

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